Mini Dragons

Planar Magnetic Monitors


Planar Magnetic
Nearfield Monitors

SHD Studio
Digital Preamp

All Digital Preamp with Dirac Live Room Correction, Network Streamer, DSP, & Headphone Amplifier 

MD-4 Amplifier

High Resolution
 4-Channel Power Amplifier with integrated DSP for Speakers and Room Correction 


Compact Actively Powered Long Excursion 8” Woofer & 8” Passive Radiator for seamless low frequency extension

Mini Dragons

Strongest Rare Earth
Flux Density

F = MA

Light as Air 
 Cryogenic Diaphragm

State-of-the-Art Sound 

With 1500% faster acceleration and 50x more driver area than a 14 x 1.5 cm ribbon mid-tweeter, the Mini Dragons deliver direct sound with precise imaging & accurate frequency, phase, & impulse response 

Planar Magnetic Coherency

Compared to conventional point sources that radiate, ripple, and reflect, planar waveforms propagate coherently along the originating plane like the light of a
laser beam

Light-As-Air Cryogenically Treated Diaphgram

Aerospace-grade Polyimide film only 1.8 microns thick is cryogenically treated in liquid nitrogen at -196℃ (-321℉), laser-traced and dynamically tensioned into a uniform driving surface


Dipole polar pattern inverse-phase cancels with its own backwave to reduce room reflections, eliminate diffractions, and transcend traditional box artifacts

Fatigue Free At Every SPL

Unlike speakers with variable impedance curves that must be energized past a threshold to produce their band-limited response, the Mini Dragons play the same response throughout their SPL range

Industry-Leading Induction
1.8 Tesla Flux Density

High temperature rare earth N48H-grade Neodymium magnets are sintered, assembled, and arrayed into a patented  push-pulll dual-pole magnetic circuit with peak 1.8 Tesla induction 

SHD Studio Digital Preamplifier 

Digital Preamplifier and Processor with Dirac Live Digital Room Correction, DSP Toolbox, Volumio Network Streamer, and Headphone Amplifier  

Custom Built for Dragonfire by our friends MiniDSP, the SHD Studio ("Streaming High Definition") digital audio processor integrates a digital interface (AES-EBU/SPDIF/TOSLINK/USB), network streamer, and headphone amplifier with an Analog Devices 450MHz Share DSP processor to optimize the embedded Dirac Live Room Correction Algorithm

Using the included UMIK-1 USB Measurment Microphone, SHD Studio, and Dirac Live Calibration Software, the frequency, phase, and impulse respone of the Mini Dragon System may be measured and corrected to optimize the sound for any space.       

MD-4 Power Amplifier

4-Channel Amplifier with Programmable DSP and AKM Velvet A/D/A Converters

Housed in a matching anodized aluminum enclosure, the MD-4 is a hand-built globally adaptable 2-input/4-output ADC/DAC+DSP+High Capacitance Class-D amplifier (250W RMS/channel) with balanced analog XLR and PCM SPDIF, AES/EBU, and USB streamer inputs.  

An advanced visual programmable DSP engine offers a total of 140 parametric  filters with 60 dB better signal to noise performance for equalization, crossover design, delay, compression, and custom calibration.

4x 250W RMS Amplifier 

1kW burst 70v rail voltage full power to
20 kHz without high frequency
dampening network 

Dual High-Capacitance
Dynamic Power Reserves

Improves imaging while fulfilling instantaneous  current draw demands of the most challening music

Power Factor Correction

Globally adaptable fully regulated AC mains PSU anywhere in the world 

AKM Velvet Sound

+15 dB better A/D & D/A performance compared to integrated converters

93% Class D Efficiency

Ensures minimal cooling requirements and maximum long-term reliability

140 Filters with +60 dB SNR

MATLAB-based visual programmable DSP via Audioweaver for custom speaker calibration using high precision parametric filters.   


High-speed long-excursion low distortion custom woofer

180 watts RMS

Active amplificiation


Custom long-excursion passive radiator tuned to 30 Hz resonance

30 to 500 Hz

Frequency response


  • Digital Interconnects

  • Speakon to 2x Mini XLR

  • Speakon to 4x Line Level 

30 to 40,000


+120 dB 


+100 dB






24 bit 96kHz


System: Planar magnetic near field monitor
Transducer Type: New generation dipole planar
Magnetic Structure: Proprietary double-sided magnet array for the highest induction in the industry of 1.8 Tesla
Magnet Type: High temperature N48H Neodymium
Diaphragm Type: Precision tensioned, ultra-thin with force equalization, the lightest in the industry
Transducer Size: 5” x 10” (125 x 250mm)e
Housing: Machined from solid aluminum
Satellite Size: 6”x12” (160 x 300 mm)
Sound Radiation Control: Adjustable footers
Sensitivity: 100 dB/ 1 W system upper midrange
Power Handling: 80W RMS :: 200W music
Maximum SPL: >120 dB 1 m upper midrange
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 50 kHz system
200 Hz to 50 kHz satellites
THD: <1% @ 100 dB system
<0.5% @ 100 dB satellites
Impedance: 20 Ohms purely resistive (other values possible on special order, 2 Ohms to 50 Ohms or higher)
Color: Titanium anodized, other colors available on custom order
Weight:7 lb (3.2 kg) 

DSP: 32-bit Floating point Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21489 / 450MHz
Sample Rate: 96 kHz
Control: Driverless USB 2.0 control interface for Windows OS
Network Audio Streamer: Quad Core ARM Processor, Gb Ethernet, USB 2.0 for External Hard Drive, Volumino Audiophile Player
Bidirectional USB Audio: XMOS asynchronous USB audio up to 192 kHz, USB Audio Class 2 compliant
ASIO drivers for Windows
Driverless for Mac OS X
Bidirectional audio / 2ch playback (PC to SHD), 4ch recording post processing (SHD to PC)
Digital Audio Inputs: Digital audio souce selectable from IR remote or Front Panel up to 216 kHz Sample Rate
1x AES/EBU on Neutrik XLR/ Isolated with digital audio transformer
1x SPDIF on RCA connector isolated with digital audio tranformer
1x TOSLINK on Optical connector
Digital Audio Outputs: 2x SPDIF on RCA connector / Isolated with digital audio transformer
Headphone Amplifier Output: CS43130 Headphone amplifier
miniDSP DSP Processing: Volume, Parametric Equalizer banks, Crossovers, Matrix mixer, Compressor/Limiter, Mute
Dirac Live Correction Suite for miniDSP Plug&Play control and configuration from Dirac Live Correction Suite
Filter storage: Up to 4 filter configuration filters stored on unit
USB port: USB port type B for audio streaming, real time control and firmware upgrade
Power supply: 12V DC external supply, EU/US/AU/UK plug adaptors provided
mm (H x W x D) mm 41.5 x 214.5 x 206 mm / 1RU half size / Optional full rack mount adaptor available 

Capsule Type & Polar Pattern: 6mm electret, omnidirectional
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20kHz
USB Audio Class: USB Audio Class 1.0, driverless interface for Windows, Mac & Linux
Connector: miniUSB connector
Calibration File: Unique microphone calibration .txt file referenced to the serial number on axis Frequency Amplitude/Sensitivity drift
Resolution & Sample rate: 24 bit ADC @48 kHz
Max SPL for 1% THD@1kHz: 133 dB SPL@0 dB gain setting
Output noise level at max IGPA: -74dBFS
Weight: 120 gm for microphone, 600 gm complete kit with acesories
Power: USB powered (5V) - blue LED indicates unit under power
Win/Mac Compatible: Yes

Size: 2 x ½ RU
Number of Channels: 4
Enclosure Material: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Efficiency: 93%
Full Bandwidth Power Delivery: 1 to 20,000 Hz
Frequency Response: 1 to 100,000 Hz, -3 dB
20 to 20,000 Hz -0.1 dB

Inputs: 1x USB Streamer via USB Type-B
1x SPDIF Input
1x AES/EBU (optional)
2x Stereo Balanced XLR Analog
1x USB Type B for Firmware Update and Snowbird Audioweaver DSP Programming
Outputs: 2x 2-channel 4-pole Speakon
1x SPDIF (optional)
Power Rating per channel: (RMS @1% THD @230 VAC)
16 ohm: 125W
8 ohm: 245 W
4 ohm: 250W
Peak: 1000W @ 4 ohm

Output Circuitry: UMAC Class D - full bandwidth PWM modular with ultra low distortion
Output Voltage: 70 Vp / 140 Vpp (unloaded)
Channel Crosstalk: 75 dB
Amplifier Gain: 26 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): >119 dB (A-weighted, 20 to 20,000 Hz, 8 ohm load)
Total Harmonic Distortion TD+N (typical): <0.05% (20 to 20,000 Hz, 8 ohm load, 3 dB below weighted power)
Intermodulation Distortion: 0.003%, 10W
Damping Factor: >350, channel 1/> 225, channel 2 (9 ohm load, 1 kHz and below)
Protection Circuits: Short circuit protection, DC protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, overload protection
Readouts & Controls: Protect/Disable (muteO, temperature, clip, voltage, auto-standby wake up
Power Supply: UREC universal mains switch mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC) and integrally standby converter
Operation Voltage: Universal Globally Adaptable Mains, 85 to 265 V
Standby: <0.25 W (Green Energy Star &Erp 1275/2008/EC compliant)
Dimensions: (256 x 90 x 257 mm)
Weight: 4 kg

Programming Interface: Drag and Drop Visual Programming Interface via DSP Concepts Audio Weaver (1 license included per MD-4 amplifier)
DSP Chip: 4th generation Analog Device’s 32/40-bit IEEEE floating point SHARC Processor 
Analog to Digital Converter (AD): Asahi Kasei Microdevice’s (AKM) VERITA Velvet Sound
Digital to Analog Converter (DA): AKM VERITA Velvet Sound
Filter Signal-to-noise performance: +60 dB over normal filter
Sampling Rate: Up/Down Conversion up to 192 kHz PCM
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Available Parametric Filters: 140
Pre-filtering: Internal Anti-aliasing and anti-imaging filters with short delay, slow roll off filters.
Selection Switch: Toggle UP USB
Toggle Middle SPDIF
Toggle Down Analog Balanced XLR
Clock Speed: 450 MHz
Computation: 277,700 MFLOPS
Architecture: “Super” Harvard

System: Compact high-output active subwoofer
Transducer Type: 8” custom high-speed high-excursion low-distortion woofer
8” high-excursion passive radiator tuned for 30 Hz bass extension
Power: 180W RMS Class AB
Frequency Response: 30 to 500 Hz
Input Signal: Subwoofer line level or speaker output from MD-4 Amplifier
Controls: Volume, phase, auto on/off power, Sub/LFE
Finish: Piano black gloss
AC Power: Universal 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 10.5 x 11.4 x 10.4” (267 x 290 x 264 mm)
Weight: 15.9 lb (7.2 kg)

“Dragonfire constantly innovates
the underlying planar technology,
improving and evolving
the engaging experience
of listening" 

Dragoslav Colich

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