Positive-FeedbacK: Dragon2 USB Cable by Dragonfire Acoustics

After 8 years of development by Dr. C, creator of Dragonfire Acoustics, comes his statement product: the Dragon2 USB Cable.

Dragonfire Acoustics and Theoretica Applied Physics Hold Shocking Demos at the Chelsea Wine Vault

I was back at New York City’s Chelsea Wine Vault on October 19, 2019, for another audio event, this time featuring product demonstrations by Dragonfire Acoustics and Theoretica Applied Physics.

Stereophile: Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon DFA 2.1 desktop playback system

Ever go on a blind date? If you’ve been on more than one, you know what its like to encounter an entirely new product at an audio show sometimes its love at first listen, your only question...

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